HydroPaws does brace and cart fittings!

It can be very challenging to pick the right brace or cart for your disabled pet.  Our certified rehabilitation therapist is trained to assess adaptive equipment needs and can help choose the right option for you and your pet.   Karen has experience in fitting braces and carts and can help with the proper use of such equipment.


Dakota's Cart

Dakota came to us paralyzed from the neck down. Following months of intensive rehabilitation therapy, Dakota was able to regain the use of three of his limbs, but sadly, Dakota was left with permanent nerve damage to his left forelimb. This made it very challenging for Dakota to go on longer walks or play. Luckily, Karen was able to work with a custom cart company, Eddie's Wheels, in order to design a cart that would provide front end support and thus allow Dakota the freedom to run and play again! 

Gwen's Cart

Gwen is a 12 year old Great Dane that came to us presenting with severe weakness and difficulty walking. Being the large girl that she is, it was very challenging for her owner to help her move around and she was home-bound. Thanks to Karen and a cart from Walkin' Wheels, Gwen is now able to enjoy walks once again!

Henry's Brace

As a puppy, Henry was hit by a car leaving him with numerous injuries. After many major orthopedic surgeries, Henry was left with one hindlimb longer than the other. This has caused him to compensate on his other hindlimb which can lead to back and hip problems. Karen worked with a custom brace company, OrthoPets, to design a brace that would essentially cause his hindlimbs to be the same length. While Henry will likely always have residual orthopedic issues, he can now comfortably go on long hikes and play with other dogs!


Violet's Cart

Violet's owner's worst fears came to light one day when she was found paralyzed in her hind end. Violet's veterinarians believed that she had a ruptured disc in her spine, which caused pressure on the spinal cord rendering her unable to use her hindlimbs. Violet was still very full of life and her owner knew that there had to be options to help her. Thanks to the Diana Basehart Foundation and other generous donations, Violet was able to get a cart that now allows her to enjoy life once again!

Toby's Cart

Toby had a rare form of cancer that invaded his spinal column, rendering him unable to use his hindlimbs. His owners sought the best of care to surgically remove the cancer, but Toby unfortunately did not regain hindlimb function. Toby worked hard at HydroPaws in attempt to regain the use of his limbs, but sadly he did not make significant improvements and continued to fully dependent in order to walk. Karen worked with Toby's owners to fit a custom cart that now allows him to do all of his favorite activities like going on long walks, playing with his sister, and running after balls!