In January of 2012, Plum’s owner was forced to face her worst fears when a stick punctured a hole into her throat, almost killing her. She spent weeks in intensive care and months on restricted activity to allow for her throat to heal. Once this traumatic event was finally over, Plum started showing left forelimb lameness. Plum first came to HydroPaws in July of 2012 to address her left bicipital tenosynovitis, which occurs when there is a muscle strain and calcification in the biceps tendon.

Plum’s treatment began with focus primarily on pain relief through cold laser therapy and therapeutic ultrasound coupled with manual therapy to help keep the muscles in her neck and left shoulder moving correctly and to break down scar tissue. Plum’s activity was slowly increased initially by walking in the underwater treadmill to help Plum build strength with the ultimate goal for her to return to her previously very high activity level. As Plum progressed, we began to add in specific land-based exercises with the intention of strengthening Plum’s left shoulder. These activities included walking up stairs and down a ramp, balancing on a BOSU ball, theraband pulls to help increase shoulder stabilization, crawling under a ladder, and jumping. As Plum began to show improvement, we began to have Plum swim in the underwater treadmill to help gear her up for one of her favorite activities, paddle boarding with her owner.

Plum continues to come into HydroPaws once a week to help keep her left shoulder and neck strong and for manual therapy to further work on soft tissue mobilization to address muscle imbalance, pain, and occasional stiffness from being highly active.   Plum is now able to do all of her favorite activities, which include hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, and playing ball. We are so proud of everything Plum has accomplished and so happy that Plum is now able to do all of her favorite things! (Aside from playing with sticks!)