Underwater Treadmill

Exercising in water has been proven to be an effective way to improve strength, endurance, range of motion as well as decrease swelling, all within a controlled and safe low-impact environment.

By virtue of buoyancy, the water reduces the stress off the joints in order to minimize the impact of the actual joint surfaces (for example, 60% of the weight is taken off the body when the water is raised to shoulder level).  The low impact nature of this type of exercise is ideal for patients with osteoarthritis, dysplasias and those learning how to use a limb again after injury or surgery. 

Most of our patients will walk in the water since this is the most functional and effective way to focus on hind end strengthening.  However, we can also fill the treadmill water level higher and encourage patients to swim to better emphasize shoulder and elbow strengthening and front limb range of motion!